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C|Net Central TV Interview of SVLUG's Ben Spade

From: Ian Kluft
Subject: [svlug] C|Net TV interview of SVLUG's Ben Spade
To: svlug@svlug.org (Silicon Valley Linux User Group)
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 1998

SVLUG members -

As Ben announced at the SVLUG meeting...

The next TV airtime of "C|Net Central" will show an interview with SVLUG
President Ben Spade.  C|Net's airtime schedule is at

In Pacific Time, airtimes are (some are only useful if you set your VCR)
   SciFi Channel		6:00-6:30AM Saturday
   				9:00-9:30AM Sunday
   USA Network			3:00-3:30AM Sunday (DSS - east coast feed)
   				6:00-6:30AM Sunday (cable - west coast feed)
   KPIX San Francisco		11:30AM-noon Sunday

Other international channels (without airtimes, ugh!) are listed on C|Net's
web page.  Remember, if you subscribe to this list, you *are* an SVLUG
member.  Go cheer our leader on his television debut!

Feedback to SVLUG webmasters.