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Windows Refund Day, Page 2

[Long line of walkers]

It was about a half mile walk to the Microsoft offices at 950 Tower Lane in Foster City. A penguin statue and an American flag led the way. It is difficult to tell from this photo but the estimates were of 100+ people. Many drivers honked and waved as they passed. We waved back.

[Entrance to the
parking garage]

This somewhat forboding scene greeted us at the Microsoft site. In the garage? Are they kidding? No, they were not kidding. We trooped into the parking structure. Have you ever been part of a large procession walking up the ramps in a four-level parking structure? It was somewhat surreal.

[Press corps waiting for
our arrival]

As we rounded the last turn into the light of the top level, we could see the press waiting for us.

[More of the press
corps waiting for us]

Here the cameras are focusing on the signs and placards we had made or brought.

[Impromptu press
reception atop the parking structure]

Several of the organizers of the event introduced themselves and made brief statements for the press regarding the Microsoft EULA. It was something of a mob scene with all the cameras. Everyone was well-behaved, though.

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