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Welcome to the Silicon Valley Linux Users Group

Linux - The Operating System of the 21st Century TM

If you're looking for where to get a copy of Linux...
See "Major Linux Distributions" at SVLUG's Link Farm.

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Sites with opening and/or resume listings specific to Linux.
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Public companies who sponsor Linux International:
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SVLUG is sometimes asked about which publicly-traded companies have a focus on Linux. Remember to study applicable market research before investing.

Major Linux Distributions

These are places to find pre-packaged distributions of Linux. LWN - Linux Weekly News has extensive listing of many Linux distributions at its "Distributions" section. We list only particularly well-known distributions.

North American Linux Hardware Vendors

Vendors are listed alphabetically.
  • ASL, veteran server/workstation builder (Fremont)
  • ASA Computers, Linux and BSD servers and workstations (Santa Clara)
  • Emperor Linux, laptop/notebook vendor
  • Iron Systems (created by the founders of Telenet Systems): BSD and Linux servers (San Jose)
  • iXsystems (formerly OffMyServer, formerly part of BSDi, formerly Telenet Systems), BSD and Linux servers (San Jose)
  • Linux Certified, laptop vendor and services company (Sunnyvale)
  • Linux Consulting (Alvin Oga), vendor of rackmount 1U servers, small (cube) PCs, and high-capacity blade-server storage, and provider of support and consulting services (Reno)
  • Los Alamos Computers has offered desktop, laptop, and high performance computing systems since 2000, including Lenovo ThinkPad laptops, certified for and preloaded with your choice of many Linux distributions (Los Alamos, NM)
  • Mazda Technologies makes and sells Xeon and Opteron servers, rackmount storage, server racks/cabinets, ethernet switches, workstations, and laptops using Linux — and does software engineering and IT consulting (Fremont)
  • Net Express makes Linux and BSD workstations, servers, clusters, and RAID arrays (Hayward)
  • Penguin Computing, x86 and Opteron-based Linux computers (San Francisco)
  • Oracle Corp.'s Sun Microsystems division, Opteron-based Linux computers (Santa Clara)
  • WalMart, believe it or not. Books, software, and other goodies too. (10 stores within 50 miles of SVLUG)

Local Linux Vendors

You can download it for free from the Net (and print the manuals yourself) or buy a packaged distribution with manuals. Support is available from system integrators or larger distribution vendors. Smaller distributions are usually offered as do-it-yourself kits.

Local Community Service Linux Sites

Other (Linux, Unix, Software, etc.) Local Groups

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