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Welcome to the Silicon Valley Linux Users Group

Linux - The Operating System of the 21st Century TM

SVLUG meetings are first Wednesdays of each month at 7PM-9PM!

Next Meeting

Date Location Speaker
Dec. 2nd, 2015 Symantec, Mountain View Robert Harker
Topic: Using Jenkins to Automate Building, Testing, and Deployment of New Code

Jenkins is a popular Web-based build automation tool, used in agile development and the DevOps movement. Jenkins allows you to define a sequence of build jobs that can be automatically triggered by a git commit. Jenkins provides a dashboard to monitor the status of build jobs. If there is a problem with the build, you can drill down into the build logs to discover the exact error. This allows you to quickly discover the problem, and fix it.

An overview of Jenkins and how it works will be presented. Building and testing of a simple PHP program will be demonstrated.
MORE ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Robert Harker is a gray beard Linux/UNIX systems administrator and Web farm wrangler. At Yahoo Sports, he was involved in their move to agile development. In Yahoo Sports's move to a DevOps team, he was from the Ops side of the house, championing automation for the deployment process of new code to production. Yahoo Sports used the Jenkins build automation framework to build, package, deploy, and automatically test code in all three of their environments, development, test/staging, and production.

His current interest is the Open Data movement of publishing public government data in a cloud repository that can be analyzed by the public either with Web-based portal tools or via a RESTful API passing data as json text. He is currently working with the County of San Mateo Open Data portal, data.smcgov.org, to publish public data locked into legacy platforms on the Open Data Web site.

Future Meetings

Date Location Speaker
Jan. 6th, 2016 Symantec, Mountain View Donn Lee
Topic: Bitcoin: Digital Cash -- The Basics

What is Bitcoin? How does it work? Who controls it? What is mining? Is it possible to counterfeit bitcoin? This introduction will provide you with a basic understanding of the ins and outs of this and similar digital currencies. After this session, you will have enough basics to get some bitcoin and, if you desire, send it to anyone on Earth in seconds.
MORE ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Donn advises startups and VCs in Internet technologies. Joining Facebook in 2007, he was a senior engineer on the Infrastructure team during hyper-growth of Facebook's systems and networks. Before FB, Donn was a senior engineer at Google during similar architecture, deployment, scaling, and troubleshooting challenges when Google grew from a sole search engine to a portfolio of products. Donn wrote his book Enhanced IP Services for Cisco Networks while working full-time at Cisco Systems, where he was a senior systems engineer. He was awarded Internet Society's Itojun Service Award and Google's EMG Award. Donn has performed over 50 talks at technical conferences across Europe, Asia, US, Canada, and Mexico.

Earlier meetings and more details are available on our previous meetings page.
Possible future meetings, yet to be scheduled, are listed on our TBA page.

Note to presenters: At present, we have no Internet connection in our meeting room, so please plan accordingly. If you will be giving a presentation using a Mac, please bring your own Mac > VGA adapter. Symantec does not provide these, and this is the one accessory Mac users forget to bring.

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