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SVLUG meeting, Nov 2, 2005

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These are pictures from the Nov 2, 2005 meeting of SVLUG. For the "Nifty of the Month" opener, SVLUG member Chris Verges told us about this recent expedition to help with Hurricane Katrina relief in Mississippi. Then, the main speaker of the evening was Fabrizio Capobianco, presenting about the Sync4j project.
img_5461.jpg - 2005:11:02 20:32:27 img_5462.jpg - 2005:11:02 20:32:55 img_5463.jpg - 2005:11:02 20:33:10 img_5464.jpg - 2005:11:02 20:41:52 img_5465.jpg - 2005:11:02 20:42:12 img_5466.jpg - 2005:11:02 20:42:27 img_5467.jpg - 2005:11:02 20:42:41 img_5468.jpg - 2005:11:02 20:42:54 img_5469.jpg - 2005:11:02 20:43:12
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