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Voting Results Overview
SVLUG President 2001

113 votes were tallied.

Choice Abbrev Description
#1 MERLIN Marc Merlin
#2 SELF Karsten Self
#3 NONE none

Description of Voting Topic

[Voting is now closed on this subject.]

This is the run-off election for SVLUG President for 2001. The election at the meeting was too close to count by the show-of-hands method. The candidates (listed in random order which reverses every few minutes) are:

You may also indicate "none" somewhere in your list of preferences, if you wish. If "none" were to win, nominations would be re-opened.

Voting closes at 11:59PM Pacific Time on Friday, November 10, 2000.

Detailed Results

This vote uses a Single Transferable Voting (STV) system, which is a simple form of "preference voting", so that voters can cast first, second, third, and more preferences for their vote. If a majority can't be reached, the last choice is eliminated and the count starts over looking for the highest preference. More information on STV and other voting systems can be found at:

Single Transferable Vote (Wikipedia)
Single Transferable Vote (Google Directory)
Elections: Results and Voting systems (UK)
a student's STV page (Finland)

This vote was handled by Vote::STV (a Perl module) by Ian Kluft. Source code is available at http://www.kluft.com/~ikluft/opensource/code/

The following tables show in detail how the results were obtained. Each of the "rounds" shown were separate passes through the data by the vote-counting software. Multiple passes are necessary to count an STV-style vote.
Round #1
113.000 valid votes, 56.500 required to win
Selection Votes Percent Notes
MERLIN 58.000 51.33% winner for Choice #1 (97.414% of each vote used, 2.586% transfers)
SELF 55.000 48.67%  
NONE 0.000 0.00%  
Round #2
56.112 valid votes, 28.056 required to win
Selection Votes Percent Notes
SELF 55.931 99.68% winner for Choice #2 (50.162% of each vote used, 49.838% transfers)
NONE 0.181 0.32%  
Round #3
3.876 valid votes, 1.938 required to win
Selection Votes Percent Notes
NONE 3.876 100.00% winner for Choice #3 (50.000% of each vote used, 50.000% transfers)

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